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 Destin FL Photographer | FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main differences between Commercial/Editorial/Retail Photography Services?

I. Commercial Photography is used to promote a business, service, product, or concept by means of advertising, promotions and marketing.

II. Editorial Photography features people and things used for educational and journalism by way of educational blogs, books, print/web magazines and books.

III. Retail Photography is purchased for client's personal usage (wedding photography, family portraits, candid beach photography, newborn photography, special event photography, modeling photography, headshots, fine art). Photographer retains the copyright of images from shoot, reproduction rights of digital downloads/copies are granted for a fee.

Usage Example: One Photo, Three Licenses, Three Fees
I. Commercial Photography: Originally a photo of sportfishing yacht "Done Deal" is captured and licensed for use in a catalog.
II. Editorial Photography: That photo is later licensed by the photgrapher to appear in Marlin Magazine's article about offshore fishing.
III. Retail Photography: The owner of sportfishing yacht "Done Deal" purchases, from photographer, a 45"x30" canvas for their home.

I. Commercial Photography Questions / Real Estate Photography

Preparation Checklist:

Please walk through the property and make sure it’s “camera ready” so that your property photographs at it’s best.

If you are unable to prepare the property “camera ready”, then we wiil have our stylist do it for you beginning at $250.00.

Flowers, pool cleaning, etc. are billed transparently at their rate(s). 

Camera Ready Checklist (put them away so they may not be seen, the final photos will look better and run / last longer) :

• trash cans

• soap

• shampoo

• conditioner

• extra toilet paper rolls

• paper towels

• magazine / brochures / phone book(s)

• refrigerator magnets / signs

• guest “sign-in” books

• kitchen towels

• counter top soap

• counter top sponges

• bathroom towels

• alarm clocks

• landline phones

• ashtrays

• outside trash bins

• pool nets

• pool products / supplies

• coffee makers

• tea kettles

• hose / garden hose / pool hose

The less clutter the better . . . Help us help you :)

• open all blinds / shutters

• wind blinds’ strings up

• remove blinds’ open / close poles

• ensure ALL light bulbs work

• turn ALL lights on / inside and outside

• turn oven light on

• turn counter lights (under cabinets) on

• open TV cabinets

• put remotes behind the TV screen

• turn off all TV screens

• organize pool chairs

• pull shower curtains halfway back to show the shower head

• remove leaves, tree debris

• ensure property signs are intact / not broken  

• remove toilet plunger

• remove toilet brush

• clean ALL windows (showing views from windows in full / clear detail)

• clean outdoor furniture / table tops

III. Retail Photography Questions

A. How do I book a photo-shoot?

  1. Please call 850.325.0881 or eMail info@AlaricLambert.com to book a photo-shoot.

  2. Camera-time payment is due in full to schedule camera-time.

B. What is included when I book a photo-shoot?

  1. Camera-time (1 hour, 2 hours, etc).

  2. Online gallery to view and share photos within 2 weeks from photo-shoot.

  3. Digital Download Collection of the original capture / camera files.

  4. Prints, wall art, and Advanced Retouching Image Downloads are available for purchase directly from the online gallery.

  5. Please call 850.325.0881 or eMail info@AlaricLambert.com to buy digital downloads or to inquire about our services.

C. What is included when I purchase an Advanced Retouching Image Download?

  1. High Resolution, 16"x24", JPG-12, print ready files.

  2. We do not re-adjust the images when you print with another vendor.

  3. Printing with Alaric Lambert Photography ensures the highest standard of quality control and product consistency.

D. How many people can you shoot in a group photo?

  1. Up to 10 people can be included.

  2. Add an hour of camera-time for more than 10 people when booking photo-shoot.

  3. If more than 10 people show up at the last minute, the additional camera-time fee is due before we begin photographing.

E. When should I book my session?

  1. Book your session once you book your vacation travel as our calendar fills quickly when scheduling Family Beach Portraits from March to September in Destin, Florida.

  2. Book your Newborn Portrait Photography Session within the first week of your child's birth due date immediately and we can reschedule if anything changes.

F. What time of day should I schedule my session?

  1. Up to 40 minutes after Sunset yields the most captivating background when paired with my lighting kits and the daily atmosphere (weather and season).

  2. Up to 40 minutes before Sunrise is also beautiful when paired with my lighting kits and the daily atmosphere (weather and season).

G. What should I wear in my session?

  1. Adults, teens and kids should choose a dressed-up casual outfit with multiple layers or quick swap. With under 10 people you can remove and/or make quick rearrangements while we shoot to get multiple looks.

  2. Avoid heavy moisturizing creams as you will quickly collect fine white sand all over you.

  3. Wear what best speaks your personality as an individual and/or group. Also consider what you intend to use them for: holiday cards, invitations, albums, announcements, prints for the house or office, etc.

  4. Newborns are most precious in Birthday Suits. Hats, soft blankets and diaper covers make for great photos too.

H. What should I bring to my session?

  1. Most importantly, your "A" game smile:) Come to have fun, share happiness and celebrate your time together here!

  2. Beach bag, water, snacks, pacifier, beach props, umbrellas, wooden boat, classic/vintage toys, guitar/instrument, clothing accessories, styling accessories (sunglasses, hats, necklaces, etc) hair/make-up, cloth to dry facial perspiration/oils.

  3. Newborns should have their diapers, wipes, and formula bottle.

I. How do I reschedule my session?

  1. We will work with you to reschedule your session within 1 year from the original shoot date. 

J. What if there is rain coming?

  1. Call 850.325.0881 if its raining 2 hours before camera-time; we will work with you to reschedule your photo-shoot within 1 year from the original shoot date.

K. Will you retouch the photos and make me skinny please?

  1. Color Correction and basic processing are included in the edit and gallery upload online.

  2. Skinny making, smoothing skin, blemishes, wrinkles, hair fly-aways (the beach is windy), replace eyes/smile from one photo with another requires time for each request.

  3. Copy and paste the URL of each photo you would like retouched into an eMail, under each photo link detail your requests which you will receive a work order to approve and make payment on. Allow up to 1 week for retouched images to be uploaded into your online gallery.

L. What is in the online gallery from my session?

  1. Your edited, color-corrected, carefully processed photos will be ready for you to view, share, order downloads, prints, and wall art from within 2 weeks.